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Horses at the Killer Auction

 If the French are supposed to be such gourmands, people so 
> picky > about their food that they hardly consider other cuisine
>edible, how > come > they're apparently so eager to dine on any old
American horse 

I've also been curious about this.  I tried eating a few of my hens who
grew up to be roosters. :-( I'd spent all that money on feed and I'll be
darned if I'm not going to get something out of it.  I killed them and
cooked them and talk about TOUGH!  *My* chickens were ATHLETES.  Very
little similarity with those nice tender animals from the store.  I
stewed mine forever and you could have flossed with the meat.  The longer
you chewed a mouthful the bigger it got.  I've had the same experience
just buying beef from a friend who'd raised one...much tougher than the
nice stuff from the store.  Wonder how long you'd have to chew a Mustang?
 According to the article in Newsweek, 10% of the Mustangs adopted end up
being slaughtered.  I guess that's easier to track than other breeds. I
just worry about this nice fat pony I've got that looks like we raised
him with the freezer in mind.  Goodness knows if they try to chew Kaboot
they're going to wear out their jaws!

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