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Re: Scary inceident

Colleen wrote:

>So have any of you out there have a simular experiance?
What did you do about it?

We have dirtbikers where we are who think it's fun to "buzz" the horses.  At
least they used to....

I was with a friend one day on her somewhat large, very over the top TB.  He
is terrified of cars, bikes, motorbikes, bees, pieces of paper,
stones....Anyway, as we were ambling down the road, a dirtbiker came up
towards us from behind.  Buddy started going doo-lally, so I turned Toc
sideways in the road and waved to the biker to slow down.  He shouted "get
out of the way or I'll run you over".  Yah.  Right.  Time to haul out one of
my favourite movie lines "Go ahead, arsehole, make my day"

So anyway, he gunned towards us, and Toc, bless his socks, just stood there.
When the guy was about five metres away, he twigged that we weren't moving,
and tried to veer around the front of us.  By this time he's slowed down a
little, and just as he was passing Toccy, he pushed the biker's helmet with
his nose.  The poor boy nearly fell sideways into a thorn bush.

Needless to say, word got around, and bikers are quite respectful of the
horses in the neighbourhood now.

And if that doesn't work, let me know, and I'll teach you a wonderful,
thoroughly nasty, trick with a lunge whip, best performed after a sleepless
night and when in a really bad mood.


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