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Fwd: Endure the flames


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In a message dated 4/10/01 12:28:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> I continue to subscribe to this list because of the
>  valuable info, and always hope that the flaming will stop.
>  Liz 

I don't think it ever will.  Endurance riders are strong willed people and 
have strong convictions about certain things.  One of the unfortunate things 
about the internet is that some paragraphs written can take on a whole 
different meaning than the writer originally intended.  You don't get to hear 
the voice inflection or see that the person is actually smiling as they write 
their biting remarks.  Humor comes in all shapes and sizes and even the best 
intentions can be misconstrued, by some.

Sometimes I think that surviving here, on ride camp, is tougher than doing a 
50 mile endurance ride with pouring down rain and cold temperatures.  Maybe, 
even a hundred, although I hope I never see that pain.  Anyway, I think this 
might be a good thing.  I know receiving tons of hate mail has made me quite 
a bit tougher, and for that, I thank Ridecamp.  As I keep telling the wife, 
during our training sessions, endurance is one tough sport.  I hope endurance 
and ridecamp never change.

Howard (I'm going to a ride this weekend; and I don't even have to leave the 

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