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Endurance News

Received my March/April issue today and just finished reading pages 46 and 47
regarding the resolution of a protest filed last year.  My jaw hurts because
my teeth are clinched so tight.  I can only say I hope if this person's style
doesn't change that others who observe what is going on please do something
sooner - rather than later.

Another letter referenced paying entry fees ahead of time without refund.   I
know that is the norm in the horse show world.  In order to get a refund you
need to have a written vet certificate stating your horse is sick or injured
and unable to show.  It seems a reasonable thing to me, but that may be
because I have been showing horses off and on for the last 30 something
years.  As to the late fee of $25; a lot of horse shows charge a late fee of
$5 per class.  Eats up $25 in a hurry.  I'd rather be riding than showing and
look forward to doing just that by the end of this year.:>))

Kathleen Yielding

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