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Re: Derby Ditch

Maureen A. Fager
Hi All,
The ride manager said the motto
of the Derby Ditch this year was
"Spring Time In Nevada."  Which
ment:cold, wind, hail and snow.
However, it was not a repeat of 1999.
Winner was Amber Bolton on Ashley,
2nd was Dave Cootware on Lia Gan S,
3rd was Jenna Nance, but don't her
horses name.
BC went to Tim McGuiness (sp) aka Scooter
riding a new horse for a client.
I came in way at the back and had a great time,
my first Derby Ditch ride.  There were 71 starters,
59 finishers.  Many folks from Califorina did 
come over the pass because of the weather 
(I don't blame them.)
Maureen A. Fager
Reno, NV

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