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Re: RC: Fwd: Endure the flames

Dear Howard
I believe one can be impassioned about their ideas without calling
others who have a different opinion or a question, and I quote, "stupid"
or "insensitive to your horse" or "pathetic". I've never known of a high
correlation between presenting valuable information and being
insulting--- case in point: Susan Garlington who is about as informative
a poster as one woman can be. She has been the target of flames (and
does a pretty good job of defending herself with her lab Bunsen burner),
but I have not seen her as ever instigating such an attack--- simply
does not appear to be part of her nature. There are many on here like
her who contribute without malice. I prefer to get my info without
insults. If I want hostility, I'll go back to counseling junkies--- at
least I know where it is coming from and I expect it from them. I
remember when you were the brunt of some pretty mean remarks. I wonder
if we went back to that period of time if you would welcome those
"toughening remarks"--- you can always go to boot camp in the marine
corp if you miss it ;-) (Now Truman and Bob, we don't need to get
started on the military again <BG>)
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov	
(Yes, really 16.2!) wrote:
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: Endure the flames
> Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:35:12 EDT
> From:
> To:
> In a message dated 4/10/01 12:28:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > I continue to subscribe to this list because of the
> >  valuable info, and always hope that the flaming will stop.
> >  Liz
> I don't think it ever will.  Endurance riders are strong willed people and
> have strong convictions about certain things.  One of the unfortunate things
> about the internet is that some paragraphs written can take on a whole
> different meaning than the writer originally intended.  You don't get to hear
> the voice inflection or see that the person is actually smiling as they write
> their biting remarks.  Humor comes in all shapes and sizes and even the best
> intentions can be misconstrued, by some.
> Sometimes I think that surviving here, on ride camp, is tougher than doing a
> 50 mile endurance ride with pouring down rain and cold temperatures.  Maybe,
> even a hundred, although I hope I never see that pain.  Anyway, I think this
> might be a good thing.  I know receiving tons of hate mail has made me quite
> a bit tougher, and for that, I thank Ridecamp.  As I keep telling the wife,
> during our training sessions, endurance is one tough sport.  I hope endurance
> and ridecamp never change.
> cya,
> Howard (I'm going to a ride this weekend; and I don't even have to leave the
> state)
> cya,
> Howard


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