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Re: RC: 100 in a day vs 250 over four days

Karen Chaton wrote:

"I don't know of any courses off hand that are 100 milers in addition to
being a couple of days of a multiday, so anything you compare is apples and

In 1986 I rode my first multiday, the Capital to Capital Ride, which was
four days and 200 miles between Carson City NV and Sacramento CA.  The
middle two days covered the Tevis trail, fifty miles each day.  I was in the
saddle for ten hours each day and over those middle two days I swore that I
would never be able to complete the Tevis in the required time period.  It
was some of the toughest trail I had ever ridden along with being some of
the most beautiful.  Well, I came back in 1993 and finished Tevis within the
time limit and am even going back this year.  Some of us never learn.  In
looking back, I think riding the trail over two days might have been harder
than riding it in one day.  However, in 1986 I had never seen any of the
trail before so that can make for a more difficult ride when you don't know
what to expect ahead.  I actually started Tevis in 1992 but got pulled at
Dusty Corners.  In 1993 I knew most of the trail which helped considerably.

Karen is right when she states that you learn a lot more, and your horse
does too, riding multidays.  It is a much better atmosphere for starting
green horses as the pace usually is not as frantic as a one day ride.  I
encourage all riders out there that have a multiday near them to give one a

Happy Trails,
Marci Cunningham
Bakersfield CA

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