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thank you

I just wanted to stop to say thank you to the people who have taught me so 
much over the last year and a half or so:  You guys.  Since tempers seem a 
little short, I thought this might be a good time to say that so many people 
on this list have so many valuable things to teach and to share and I 
appreciate hearing everyone's ideas.

In particular, thank you to Lif for teaching me about teaching my horse to 
accept syringes and electrolytes, and introducing me to blue-green algae 
which brought my elderly mare back from the edge and helped her recover 
enough that we didn't have to put her to sleep.  Thank you to Angie for 
taking the time to carefully explain the emergency dismount which I 
desperately needed this weekend when my horse sank in mud in a lake and would 
have drowned (I think) if I hadn't been able to bail off quickly.  Thank you 
to Bette and Heidi for teaching me about bloodlines.  Thank you to Tom for 
your time helping me with my horse's leg injury last year.  Thank you to Pat 
who actually met with to teach me to teach my horse to trot on lead and who 
has helped me in so many ways through my first rides.  Thank you to the 
NUMEROUS people who helped me with advice about my knee injury last year.  
And thank you for those of you who just take the time to be my friend and 
encourage me when I feel that I will never have enough time or enough skill 
to truly be a partner to my horse.


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