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Re: RC: Re: IAHA Arabian Horse

>I would rather not do that.....without permission from IAHA or the
>author.  Sorry...  Many of the comments and pictures in the article are
>from Bazy's book "And Ride Away Singing".  You can order the book from
>the Arabian Horse Foundation at 1-800-892-0682.  They are in Tucson.
>Website is
>Maybe someone near you belongs to IAHA that could loan your their copy
>of the magzeine?  It's free to IAHA members. This was the 2nd of 2
>Articles.  If you would like to have reprints of the articles, you could
>give IAHA a call at (303) 696-4500.
>Jim and Sun of Dimanche

Or wait a bit until IAHA posts it themselves.  Part 1 is currently on the
IAHA website:

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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