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Re: RC: Million Pines info???

>     Any news from Million Pines this weekend??? 

Ooh, I'm waaay behind on two deadlines, but I'll give you a tidbit.
PERFECTLY managed as usual.  It was hot. Mid 80's I'd guess with
extremely high humidity early on. Lots of water on the trail, sponger's
paradise.  My favorite sponge broke a string in the middle of the deep
water crossing and I had to jump in after it. Very refreshing. Ha.  Danny
Herlong stole the show at the ride meeting when he removed his hat and
rather than a bald head had a thick head of gray curly hair.  When he
clipped his Baskhir Curly he had glued the hair on a stocking cap in big
curls. Looked amazingly natural.  Just to make sure Wes (the manager)
didn't get jealous, he'd glued curls all over a helmet for Wes.  Becki
Crippen & Buddy Bullseye completed again.  Actually broke 4 hours for the
25 this year. She was all smiles.  Then she won a drawing for a heart
monitor.  Danny Herlong had a good laugh. He said, "I was SO glad she won
that. She's going to worry you to death with that thing". >g<

In the 50, 82 horses, in the 25 89

50 miler Top 11
Lacy Moore Shalimar
Bud Davidson Chicora
Deborah McClary Goddess Celtic
Betsey Felty Dinero 
Steve McCauley Kachet Rose
Adele Dennard Awesome
Mark Elliontt Djendelman
Melissa Crain Asadds Desert
Clare Summers Shaleighli
Patricia Gowen Thundarr
Dave Bennett Rocketeer

BC Bud Davidson & Chicora

Win time 4:12 VERY fast for the course. They added a new loop with some
wicked bogs.  I took it easy and rode with Josie. We finished 24 & 25 and
she got first Jr. :- )  The dumplings and Brunswick Stew were as good as
ever. The awards were stunning as usual. An Appaloosa won BC in the 25
and thrilled his owner. I don't have the printout on their completions.
Nina does, but now that she's an old married woman she may have too much
housework to do.  By the way. Adele Dennard's husband asked that when I
post on ridecamp I occasionally type in "Go to bed Adele" since she keeps
him up reading ridecamp.  So..."Go to bed Adele!"

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