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Re: Barbed wire fencing

we have two 30 acre pastures that are partially fenced with barb wire.  I
agree that the hot wire on the top and the flagging is the best idea.  I've
also known people to suggest that removing the bottom wire makes it safer,
but I'm not sure I agree with that. I'd rather have them stay completely off
of it.  You can find electric fence insulators that extend from the post
*into* the pasture, I think that helps keep them *away* from the fence.
Also, I agree that the size of the pasture and number of horses, and
compatibility of the horses, make a lot of difference.  We ripped up *miles*
of old barbwire crossfencing when we moved here., all we have left is
well-maintained and across the back of the large pastures.

Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
Huffman's Arabians ~ The Original Series ~

"There are always alternatives." - Spock

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> At 07:29 AM 4/10/01, Kerry Redente wrote:
> >I'm considering moving with my 2 horses to Cheyenne, Wyoming and I know
> >that this type of fencing is primarily used.  I know, dumb Yankee here,
> >but how do you introduce a horse to this type of fencing without them
> >getting injured?
> Run some electric fencing over the top line of the barbed wire.  Also hang
> surveyor's tape from the fence so it flutters in the breeze.  I always
> a horse around the perimeter of the fence with a stick in my hand, banging
> on the fence as I go along.
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