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kimberly saddle

I just bought a marciante going to try it for a while. was looking at stonewall saddles the lightest one is 11 #, the heaviest one is 16# and they custome make it to fit your horse and you and if you sell it or your horse and need it refitted it is fairly cheap to do it prices are$660.00 to $750.00. the marciante is also refitted so you can buy one used and have if refitted. The wintec saddles I was told they are very hot on the horse as is the bighorn. The bighorn saddle is to me just a western saddle without a horn.they are not balanced cool or light like an endurance saddle. The SR saddles are awsome but expensive look for a used one and jump on it! The Synergist saddles are great too. My sugestion is if you are going to take this seriously do alot of research not only on saddles but pads too. So far i've been recomended  to skito and toklot pads, if anyone knows of other good ones let me know too please. If you pay $400.00 to $600.00 on a new bighorn why not look for a used -real- endurance saddle or have one made for a couple hundred more? The marciante is $699.00 custom made, the synergist starts out at 1999.00 so does the SR. good luck I hope you find a good saddle for your horse. Oh yeh for you too. patti

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