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Re: RC: melanomas and ulcers

Hi Michelle
Tom Ivers suggested aloe Vera juice for ulcers when I wrote him about my
old gelding--- works great, he said. AND pretty cheap by the gallon at
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov	
(Yes, really 16.2!)

Michelle Fink wrote:
> Hi -  Just had my Spring vet work done on the horses...
> One 20 yr. old mare has a growth on the scelera of her eye, about 1.5 cm in
> size.  It's well under the lid and is not causing irritation, I noticed it
> when she was upset about having her teeth floated and was rolling her eyes.
> She's a grey, it's possibly a melanoma.  Has anyone treated a growth in that
> area?  Will have the animal opthamologist by on his next trip through town,
> but that's months off.
> Second, my ex-racehorse mare that I have been preparing for distance riding
> this year is still a bit underweight (body score 4.5), she's wormed
> regularly, and her teeth look fine.  She's not a big eater, and gets hot on
> too much grain so she only gets 2 cups of oats with her beetpulp, then she
> has free choice hay and grass pasture.  The vet suggested treating her with
> Tagament for ulcers.  There's no local vet with an endoscope for diagnosing
> them, or we'd go that route first.  Any ideas on the simplest way to feed
> Tagament it since it needs to be dosed 4x per day?  I don't mind orally
> syringing her, but maybe I can roll it up in some type of molasses/oats
> treats and get her to eat it??
> TIA -
> Michelle
> (Colorado)
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