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melanomas and ulcers

Hi -  Just had my Spring vet work done on the horses...

One 20 yr. old mare has a growth on the scelera of her eye, about 1.5 cm in
size.  It's well under the lid and is not causing irritation, I noticed it
when she was upset about having her teeth floated and was rolling her eyes.
She's a grey, it's possibly a melanoma.  Has anyone treated a growth in that
area?  Will have the animal opthamologist by on his next trip through town,
but that's months off.

Second, my ex-racehorse mare that I have been preparing for distance riding
this year is still a bit underweight (body score 4.5), she's wormed
regularly, and her teeth look fine.  She's not a big eater, and gets hot on
too much grain so she only gets 2 cups of oats with her beetpulp, then she
has free choice hay and grass pasture.  The vet suggested treating her with
Tagament for ulcers.  There's no local vet with an endoscope for diagnosing
them, or we'd go that route first.  Any ideas on the simplest way to feed
Tagament it since it needs to be dosed 4x per day?  I don't mind orally
syringing her, but maybe I can roll it up in some type of molasses/oats
treats and get her to eat it??



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