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Re: RC: campbell paragon saddle


This model is a great english saddle for endurance.  However, I have
found the Campbell brand to be cheaply made.  If you can find a used
Crosby brand they are much better made.  I do know of one for sale
that was made in england (can't remember he manufacture of the top of
my head... I will look it up for you). It is Black, probably equal to
a 17-1/2" seat, med/wide tree (which is wide).  The saddle was used
probably a dozen times and is in great shape.  I comes with leathers
and irons.

It was donated to a small non-profit organization that does physical
therapy using the horse as a tool.  I do not know how much they want
for it, but I think $900-$1000.  The saddle alone sells for 950.00
new.  If you are interested I will get you all the detail.  

Let me know.


PS I rode in a Crosby paragon for years and loved it.  It just didn't
fit my current horse.  I really miss the saddle and tried this one
for myself, but it too doesn't fit him.
--- "" <> wrote:
> kathy bishop
> I am looking for information an a campbell paragon saddle aand
> where to buy one.  It looks like  a marthon  saddle and is used by
> park rangers and policemen.l  please email l me if you  have any
> information.  thanks Kathy Bishop  
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