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Corta-Flx (from Barb Peck)

Barb Peck
Barb Peck

I ran a one-rat study using one of my horses
(who has some hock issues) based on Eleanor Kellons
(Vet advisor for the Horse Journal) studies
of Corta-Flx (which is an oral Chondroitin)
versus the combo of Glucosimine/Chrondroitin.
Theory is that Corta-FLx is best on problems that
show inflamation and Glucosime/Chrondroitin for cartilage
repair and synovial fluid production.

I found this to be true for one of my horses, who
had hock pain, but no noticablr inflamation:
A combo of Uckele's 2 products (Glucosimine &
Chondroitin) to be superior to Corta-Flx in my horses
problem. I used agility and gait performance while
going downhill as a measure of which products worked 
best for him.


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