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Re: RC: Re: melanomas and ulcers

 >I think what caught the vet's attention was that the mare 
> will wander> away from the food and not always want to eat as expected,
i.e. when > the> other horses are pigging out. 

The 19 year old Arab I have leased for my daughter does this.  He was
also on the track YEARS ago...wonder if that has anything to do with it. 
He has an an "I can take it or leave it" attitude towards food.  He eats
very slowly and methodically.  He's had his teeth checked, no problems,
he's just slow.  He may eat a little grain, look around awhile, just not
fast but he'd do it all day.  Since my other guys are regular wolves, I
put this guy in the stall to feed him...for a couple of hours.  I was
going broke putting out enough hay to keep the ponies from running out
before Slowpoke had a good meal.  (they would run him off from his
because he'd just as soon pick at imaginary grass).  What I do now is put
him up at night with his grain, LOTS of hay, and beet pulp.  All night
long he has nothing else to do but eat and can't wander off from it.  In
the morning I feed him grain and then turn him out.  He has really
bloomed with this program and looks great.  I think some of them just
have attention deficit.  That said, if I REALLY wanted to put weight on
one I'd get some decent pasture.

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