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Re: Re: melanomas and ulcers

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From: "Michelle Fink" <>
> I have had the mare for ~6 months (before that she was racing), have been
> feeding oil, BP, grain, free choice hay (grass and a flake or two of
> grass/oat/alfalfa mix), and now there's good pasture.  She has not picked
> weight as expected, and is generally just not eating heartily.  I'd feed
> more beetpulp, but she won't eat more than a pound of it, and often won't
> eat that muchI think what caught the vet's attention was that the mare
will wander
> away from the food and not always want to eat as expected, i.e. when the
> other horses are pigging out.  She's in a mellow group of horses, so I
> think herd stress is a factor.  Vet suggested adding Equine Sr. to her
> ration, which I'll do.


have you done a fecal specifically on this mare?  We have been struggling
all winter to put weight on my daughters picky Arab mare.
I had the fecal done several months ago and it showed some encysted
strongyles, but I had to wait another month to as I had just wormed her-then
did the Panacur purge.  We are almost two weeks out of it, and the results
are truly amazing-I would not have believed it. She  has picked up weight,
and actually, now seems to have more of an APPETITE!  She is cleaning up all
the beetpulp/corn oil, mature horse mix I feed her every day, gets oat and
alfalfa, and now lots of green pasture.....but she was getting all that
BEFORE the purge.  The biggest change is that her appetite has improved!


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