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Re: RC: Loose Horses

I agree. We have become a world of lawsuits at the slightest
opportunity.  I have had my fences "run over" numerous times without any
major problem other than tracking down "where they went".  As Truman
suggested, I try to minimize the opportunity by the campsite I choose
and where I park my trailer/vehicle.  Sometimes, things just happen. 
You do the best you can and don't worry about it as long as the damage
is minimal.  I do NOT like tying my horse to the trailer and will use
corrals as long as I feel it is available and reasonably safe.  I
sometimes don't even connect the charger, because Sunny is not normally
inclined to challenge my fence.  A couple of times he has "leaned"
through it and wandered over to smooze with the neighbors. (Have found
him in the corral with the horse next door a couple of times) Sunny
wouldn't run off if you threw rocks at him. <grin>  He knows a good deal
when he sees it!  I also try to park next to someone I know whenever
possible.  I would be much more likely to be P****d off about a horse
who tried to kick or bite my horse during a ride than an escape from a

I will never forget one night in late fall up in the North Georgia
Mountains at Cooper Gap.  Pam Spencer and I were crashed in her pop-up
pickup camper listening to the wind in the trees and watching the full
moon out the window. We were camping with her two horses Wish Granted+
and Cleo Perez Bars (Wish and Cajun) using my tape corral. At the foot
of Cooper Gap is Camp Merrill, where the Army Rangers train.  Sometime
during the night (I think about 3:00AM) they "appeared" out of the
bushes in camo and black face with full pack and rifles.  Must have
looked like a Martian landing to the horses.  Needless to say, it was
too much for Wish and Cajun.....they were outta there right thru the
fence.  We bailed out of the camper with the flashlights headed down the
Forest Service road after them.  The Chattahoochee National Forest in
that area is big. About a quarter mile down the road, we met them coming
BACK!  Never seen such nickering and nuzzling!  They were happier to see
us than we were to see them.  You should have heard the scary story they
told us! They were coming back to see if we were O.K. <grin>

Jim and Sun of Dimanche 

"" wrote:
> Lisa Salas The Odd Farm
> I was also at ride where most of the horses escaped during the night. My horses didn't and I was very happy. The question was "Who is responsable for damage?". I can appreciate the comments from other people, seek legal advice and so forth, but come on. It is an accident. If you own horses you know they don't do things to get the owner in trouble or cause damage to other people. And for the most part, especially at endurance rides, we do all we can to ensure the safety of all horses. You can double halter, put up electric and pipe fencing and hobble you horse and if he fears for his life, for what ever reason, he is going to do whatever it takes to flee. That is the nature of the horse and we can't do a dang thing about it. I felt bad for the people who's horses did escape and couldn't compete the next day. All the training and preparation, not to mention the cost of gas and entry fees and food, wasted. Luckliy, there was no serious injuries, just torn fences and blankets. G!
> ss what? They can be replaced cheaper than hiring a lawyer or filing an insurance claim. See it for what it is, an accident, with no one to blame. Yes, you can show proof of negligence sometimes, so let the other times go.
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