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Trailer decision 2001

Wellll................another Sundowner sale is logged in the books and the Lawsons are poorer for the next 12 years. But......I am a happy happy gal!
I go to pick it up tommorrow. Getting hitch installed tomorrow morning. I will probably be beeping the horn and screaming "look what I have, look what I have." Then the state boys will be riding up beside me and asking me to pull over. How am I gonna explain this to them? Officer I was sooo happy to have this new trailer and be deeper in dept I was honking at passerbys? Officer have you seen my new Sundowner? Officer is that a rabbit over there? Officer I thought I saw Elvis? Officer I thought I saw a 'honk if you love jesus' bumper sticker? officer send me to the happy house I am broke? Officer (sniffle) I love ya man! Officer do you see this here trailer? It belongs to (insert itallian name here) and If I don't have it to him by (insert rediculous time here) he will be very upset, and you don't want your name mentioned in that conversation do you? (point to sky) and say Shhhhh they might here us!or Officer... I just sold a policeman my horse and I thought you were bringing him back.
Deleiriously Happy?... you betcha!
Cloud nine?....oh yeah!
Feeling like I am queen of the world?....heck yeah!
until April 23 and I have to send in the first payment!
What the heck you only live once!
Thank you ridecampers for all the advice! it was well worth the postings and I can't thank each and everyone enough.
From the bottom of my heart...and empty wallet!
Carla (third cloud on the left!)
Ansata (I get the front I get the front!)
Haley (okay you can have the front but I get the first poop!)
Rob (gulp)

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