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Re: RC: electrolytes

At 08:04 PM 02/25/2000 -0500, wrote:
>I am using endura max electrolytes and am pleased with how it works, but I am
>having problems with the stuff setting up like concrete in the syringes. I
>have tried splitting the dose between 2 60 cc syringes but it still does it.
>I use applesauce to mix and the syringes have the small tips, I tried cutting
>the openings larger but it didnt help. Has anyone had this happen, also, do
>they make syringes with a wider opening, but still with a cap to carry with

Shelly:  The problem is the electrolytes are separating.  I also use endura 
max and have pretty much figured out how to mix it up.  I use a blender, 
and mix it with applesauce and 2:1 electrolytes to probiotics, and just a 
small amount of water.  Mix, then put into a tupperware overnight.  The 
next day stir it up again, or else stir every few hours.  This keeps 
everything fluid and eventually all the salt dissolves.  It doesn't matter 
how liquidy you mix it, if it is allowed to sit without being re-stirred it 
will clog up the syringe.

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 2,410 miles
& Weaver, 3,205 miles

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