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Re: oldest tevis horse

The oldest horse to do Tevis was a grade horse from Calif. who finished at
age 26.  He had completed several times before that year.
Karel in Calif
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Subject: RC: oldest tevis horse

> Does anyone here know the age of the oldest horse to do Tevis?  Is there a
> site where I could find the ages of all horses to do tevis?  I went to the
> Tevis site but I could only find the results for '99....the oldest horse
> 20.  See, my friend did Tevis with his mare when she was 22.  I wanted to
> find out how old the oldest horse was (I know it is older than 22) and see
> how many horses older than my friends horse have finished the ride....this
> just something I want to do while I am waiting for the sun to come out
>  Rain Rain, go away.....and don't come back for like 6 months!
> -Renee
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