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spooking A-rabs theory's a theory(I'm not old enough to have a theory so this is 
obviously someone else's.)
wanna know why arabs spook?  It is because they have more self worth.  They 
aren't about to let some rock beat them up!  And there's no way they are 
going to stand there while some shadow jumps out at them!!!! See, quarter 
horses don't spook as much because they have nothing to live for.  They are 
so depressed(or calm, to the untrained eye) because all they can think is 
"I'm fat...and my feet are too small to hold my 1400 pound body....look how 
big my butt is."  I mean, can you blame them?  So, next time your arab 
spooks, dust yourself off, get back on, and say "you're right, you are too 
precious to let that leaf blowing in the wind take your life.."
okay, okay....if you are really mad at me right now....I'm just kidding!!!! 
C'mon, admit it...I got your heart pumping, didn't I

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