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Re: endurance saddles

>Meg Carlin
>I'm new to endurance riding (although I've been riding 23 years)and am
considering buying an endurance saddle.  I'd like to know what saddles
other endurance riders have found fit their horses well. It's easy to find
something comfortable for me, but so much harder for the horse!  For a
first time purchase I was considering the Big Horn endurance saddle (1/2
synthetic) or a Wintec. 
>Any advice or sharing of experience would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks so much,
I have a Big Horn and, if the saddle fits the horse, it's not a bad saddle
for the price.  I've found it very comfortable, well made, and well
balanced (a part I'm a stickler on.)  I like the rigging system on it also.
 I use a sheepskin, thigh length, seat cover which makes the seat fairly
comfy.  I have several different kinds of Wintecs, but not the endurance
model.  From what I have, I like...but I don't know about 4 hours or more
of riding since the Wintec that has gone out on the trails is the Aussie
one and I think it's max ride time was about 4 hours straight.  No problems
with the horse but it's not even a one rat study. 

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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