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Re: CTR: Fwd: Re: CTR National Forest User Fee

I live in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. I can ride out 
my back gate into the National Forest. I pay $35.00 a year for an Adventure 
Pass, which is required if I want to trailer and park anywhere other than my 
driveway. It has been many years since an organized CTR or Endurance ride 
have been held up here. I am not sure how easy it would be to get a permit to 
hold one of these events now. The local riding club held an ETI sanctioned 
Trail Trials a couple of years ago and the Forest Service would not let them 
hold the event because they were charging an entry fee and the Forest Service 
said no organization could profit from the National Forest. The club got 
around this by saying the event was free, but the contestants had to pay $20 
to park at the club's private arena where the Trial was headquartered. The 
local rental stables are allowed to stay in business because they pay a 
percentage of their profits to the Forest Service.

Big Bear City, CA

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