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Re: RC: ride managers


    I agree that those who do not ride, do not get all the benefits that are
available to those members who do ride.  My feeling is that the organization
provides a structure that enables ride managers to put on rides,  which attracts
more riders because it assures the participants that there will be a level
playing field, competent vets, and a recourse if they feel that there were not
treated fairly.  Whether they ride or not, and accumulate points and earn awards
or not, I feel that ride managers get value by the structure that AERC provides,
and I  myself am willing to pay the 17 cents a day that it costs.  (actually, I
withhold 2 carrots a day from my horses and that covers my annual dues--but don't
tell my horses.)

Terry Woolley Howe
San Diego wrote:

> I don't think anyone in this discussion has disagreed with the rationale that
> managers need to be members.  But the question remains--for those who don't
> ride, wouldn't a limited membership (such as what the vets have for the same
> reasons) still give them all the information that they need to have?
> Heidi

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