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Re: RC: ride managers

In a message dated 02/21/2000 4:51:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Bo and I became involved in managing rides by being 'day managers'. Most 
of the events (1983 & 1984) went smooth enough, but sometimes there were 
problems involving trail and we simply could not address these problems until 
the 'real' manager rode back into camp. All the other questions could be 
addressed because before we agreed to take on these jobs, we read everything 
we could find on managing rides and asked lots of questions. We've since 
decided that any 'day manager' should have full knowledge of the trail or 
some way of contacting the trail person at any time during the ride.
 After having day managers for different ride managers for a couple of years, 
our regional group, Texas Endurance Riders Association, decided it was time 
to help out with this situation - too many people were being placed as 
manager without having any knowledge of what that job entailed. And, yes, 
everyone of them were AERC members - just had never read a rule book. 
 In order for any ride to be sponsored by TERA, the manager (including any 
'day manager') must have attended at least one of our Ride Manager Clinics 
within the past 5 years. At these clinics, we discuss problems and ways we've 
solved them. We try to get everyone present involved in the discussions. We 
go over the AERC and TERA rules to try to be sure that everyone understands 
these and also to make sure that everyone has 'read' them at least once! 
 I can't think of any of our present ride managers who ride their own rides. 
Our group has learned the ride turns out better for everyone if the manager 
is in camp to address those problems that rear their ugly heads. 
 Neither of us have ever regretted our support of AERC by being full members 
since 1982. If you want to be part of a group, support it whole-heartedly and 
be there to help it grow. >>

An excellent post!


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