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Re: RE: ride managers

I agree wholehardily!  My husband (definately not a rider, says anyone who
goes over 5 miles to be mentally unbalanced) but loves to do the manager
thing and is very good at doing BC tally and is a whiz at all the rules.  So
you are right, a lower fee for just non-riding ride managers may be the
smartest thing that could ever come into being!
Carolyn Loedeman  Ohio
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> << With out the Endurance News, the rule book, the vet manual and the like
>  would the "day managers" know what was pertinent or the rule or important
>  conduction the management of a ride? Where would they get the
information? >>
> And why would they not have those things if they had a limited membership
> the non-riding veterinarians do?  The limited membership was provided to
> EXACTLY that information to those vets who do not ride, and does it quite
> nicely.  I think Terre has a good point here, and perhaps if we looked
> a bit, we might actually GET some of these folks more involved by offering
> this, so that perhaps they would want to participate more fully in the
> Heidi
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