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Re: RC: RE: ride managers

In a message dated 02/19/2000 3:26:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Yes, but they could have a cheaper,'non-riding' membership, since they
 have no points to track and don't need a years worth of Endurance News,
 etc.  Ride manager of record is still, at least morally, responsible--if
 there was a non-riding rm category, all they would need from AERC is the
 rule book and forms, no? >>

No.  Endurance News is a great source of information to help the non-riding 
prospective ride manager learn about endurance and how to do the job.  I 
really feel strongly about this ... if the alternate ride manager does not 
know anything about ride management, then he shouldn't be asked to do it.  I 
find ride management very complex ... it's not an easy job, and it's not just 
being around on ride day.  He HAS to know what's going on and what might 
possibly happen so he can either deal with it on the spot or head it off 
before it happens.  Even the experienced ride manager has to make judgement 
calls that are not always the best or the most acceptable to the riders, so 
how can an inexperienced person know how to make good decisions if he doesn't 
know the sport?
I know this is not going to be a popular opinion, but it is the way I feel 
about it.  The number of times I wished I could ride my own ride is great, 
but my sense of responsibility to the riders is greater.



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