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Re: RC: Re: Tieing up

In a message dated 2/19/00 11:23:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, Tivers writes:

<< That's one of the reasons why HR recovery is next to useless in a vet 
check. >>

And your source for THAT would be???  Get the funding, and get the PETA folks 
off our backs, and come on out in the field--we can send out all those horses 
who fail to recover but have absolutely NO other clinical signs of fatigue, 
and see how far they get.  We used to send 'em out at 72 in an hour--now 
we've both lowered the numbers AND made recovery time an issue with gates 
into holds.  The completion rates have gone UP (despite considerably tougher 
completion standards) and the treatment rates have gone DOWN.  (Granted, we 
still see high tx rates at some of the "big" events, but there are some 
pretty obvious factors for that.)  And PLEASE, propose that to the docs in 
the treatment barn--but I want to be there to record for posterity their mad 
scramble for supplies and more hands.

One can sometimes "pick out" individuals whose high HR's are due to 
excitement, smaller heart size, etc. and who are not fatigued--but the former 
still have a tendency to crash and burn as they dash along on their 
adrenaline highs--you can probably fill in the blanks with more detail than I 
can what that can do to energy metabolism.


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