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Re: RC: Re: Tieing up

In a message dated 2/19/00 11:17:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, CMKSAGEHIL 

<< Good.  The old work merely described the phenomenon--so it's nice to know 
that there is newer work to explain why.>

No, I believe the newer work denies the phenomenon observed in the 
original--but let's have a look at the papers. I found the newer work to be 
somewhat earthshaking in that it rattled a few academic cages when it came 

>  Again, though, this is an equine phenomenon, regardless of how the horse 
does it, and that was the point I was trying to make.>

No, it's a generaiized cardiac phenomenon. Happens in humans and hummingbirds 
as well. 

  >Thank you for confirming that, indeed, it is.  Happy literature search.
 Heidi >>

Drudgery, but for a good cause.


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