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Re: RC: Tieing up

In a message dated 2/19/00 10:31:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, CMKSAGEHIL 

<< <<  The assumption that the horse is a ready-made athlete is a horrific 
mistake, made tens of thousands of times each year. It is this kind of 
stupidity that I've spent 27 years working to correct. >>
 Tom, I have never assumed anything of the kind, and I have also spent a 
quarter of a century trying to correct that impression.  However, to ignore 
the fact that he DOES have innate adaptations and differences from other 
species that make it easier for him to BECOME an athlete would be foolhardy.  
And if he DIDN'T have qualities that set him apart, we might as well be 
riding cows.
 Heidi >>

Yep. Same old tactic. Deny that you said what you said and then take a 
morally superior stance. I stand by what I said.


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