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Re: RC: Tieing up

>Ti wrote:

>But the real
> cause appears to be incosistent daily workload--the fitter they get, the
> youmust ensure daily draw-down of muscle glycogen.
> ti

Are you saying that she should be worked every day?  If this is the case why
should she tie-up now rather than say 2 months ago, because her work routine
has always been like this.  Or is it something to do with her being fitter?

Sometimes I find training horses for endurance somewhat confusing.  For a
long time I've understood that once horses are legged up its not necessary
to "train" them everyday.  Certainly I don't know many endurance riders in
France who ride their horses everyday.

However when I visited Meg Wade in Australia she explained that her horses
work 7/7. They are either trained, ponied (either from another horse or off
the back of a quad bike) or just hacked out every single day.  She seems to
have good results so perhaps this is the way to go.  What do you think?

Keen to learn and not keen to repeat this experience because this is
potentially a good mare.


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