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Re: Heart Monitors

> JMaynard, NV
> I plan on purchasing a Heart Rate Monitor at the AERC convention.  I read
that most endurance riders, at least many, think it is important to use one
but I also read many reports about how hard they are to keep working.

I've got two hr monitors, both of them Polar (Sportester??) one a bit older
than the other.  I've never had any real problems keeping them working.  One
of the watches seems less sensitive than the other, when I'm working the
horse at speed it takes a while to come up with a reading.  I don't have
problems keeping the pads in place, use elastoplast on the girth.
Its worth buying a tube of gel (KY or something) for the pads then you get
an immediate reading.
The biggest problem I have is the watches, in that we lose them, have lost 3
at vet-gates.  Luckily they can be bought separately.
I've seen a hr monitor which doesn't have pads, just has like pincers which
take fold of skin, like an electrocardiagram machine uses.
Anyone got one of these?


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