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When my boys were young...9 and 10 and their dad was overseas, we would go 
teampenning...on ARABS...Man you talk about gettin some looks, I would have 
parents comming up to me agast that I would let my boys ride them Crazy 
Their tune changed when we would warm the horses up in halter and lead ropes 
bareback...We never won 1st but did get the occasional 2nd or 3rd...My boys 
also won several high point awards at timed event shows.  We used to go to 
any kind of horse related compatition as well as endurance rides.  Arabs are 
very versitile as long as they are brought along correctly.

And to the person whos horse throws it's head alot...I bought a mare that had 
been abused by a rider with heavy hands and the wrong bit...she would throw 
her head, duck, back up anything to get away from the bit.  I mean she was so 
bad her mouth would be bleeding just from her working the bit and trying to 
get away from it.  I got the biggest fattest snafle bit and had my son just 
ride her in the arena and just massage her mouth with that bit... he hated 
that (he was 8 or 9) his friends would be out running and playing on their 
horses and all he could do was trot circles and massage massage massage her 
mouth with that bit.  He hated it untill she started responding, she started 
moving into the bit, quit throwing her head and he ended up winning many high 
point awards at timed event shows with her, he was first jr. at several rides 
and was never out of the top 10. He won several belt buckles in team penning, 
and when he decided that he didn't want to ride any more :( (I cried for a 
month) he sold her for 5 times what we bought her for.  So I would try that 
before you spend a lot of money on  a specility bit...Good luck!

    Check it Out!    

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