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OK, I really have to step in here with another view of this whole raunchy
joke thing.  I must admit, I opened this latest digest and haven't opened
the six others that came in overnight, so I don't know what the content of
the twinkie issue has become overnight.
Here's the problem:  I, like many others I know, only have a computer at
work.  That's where I pick up ridecamp digest.  Our company has an email
policy about what is acceptable and what is not.  Because of the litigious
nature of sexual harassment suits in the workplace, emails of the sometimes
cute but often raunchy sexual jokes fall into the unacceptable category.
This means that the kind of thing that the twinkie thread fell into can
become a performance issue for folks like me, whose companies have strict
email policies.
Please don't tell me to just delete it.  That doesn't work.  Don't say it's
only innuendo because last time I checked, most HR departments frown heavily
on such "innuendo".  If it comes over the firewall into the computer at my
workspace, it becomes an potential issue for me.  I have written family and
friends and asked them not to send such jokes and chain letters to me.  I
dearly love ridecamp and find it often funny, informative, provocative and
touching.  I feel like I know everyone on the list personally  (at least
those who aren't just lurkers), so can I ask that before you send the
innuendo jokes, think about those of us who get this at work?  A big

> ----------
> From: 	JOHN AYERS[]
> Sent: 	Thursday, February 17, 2000 5:51 AM
> Subject: 	RC:  BAWDY HUMOR & STUFF
> When I first joined Ridecamp as a 66 YO Newbie, I wanted all
> I could get in horse care, training, and conditioning, and was
> VERY disappointed to find so much trivia and "ME TOO's"
> (particularly the lengthy ones from that farrier's wife in Michigan <g>).
> I made suggestions and tried to get this forum more on topic, but
> finally realized that in Steph's words "it's like herding cats".
> I changed from the Digest to individual messages and set up
> my email program to put Ridecamp posts in a separate folder
> organized by date and grouped by subject. Now it's fairly easy
> and quick to delete the "Fluff".
> As I met more and more Distance Riders I was particularly
> impressed with their friendliness and earthy humor. I got put on
> more and more email joke lists and was initially shocked at
> the bawdy and sometimes RAUNCHY jokes females were
> sending me.
> I now find that the humor adds a pleasant dimension to Ridecamp,
> and look forward to contributions from Angie, Howard and others.
> I even try to make my own modest contribution.
> I am surprised that any Ridecamper could find offense in the 
> "Twinkie" thread, and I am of a generation that should be most
> easily offended at this.  I KNOW my grandkids would get a laugh
> out of it. My GREAT Grandchildren are too young to understand <g>.
> John and Meshack 
> (Vermont Equestrian Activities) 
> Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association
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