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Re: Dogs not endurance related

Husbands are the hardest animal to train in my opinion.  ;-)  Usually it takes a really hard lesson...meaning big $$$...for them to learn 'cuz until that happens all he's hearing is you nagging and whining at him. My husband was very careless about making sure his used dental floss was thrown away properly in the bathroom trashcan. Long story short, one of our kitties went through major, expensive abdominal surgery to remove a mass of dental floss blockage from her stomach and bowel. She almost died and didn't get to come home to us for over a week. Dear old dad had to face his children about his carelessness. He didn't quit flossing but he is extremely careful now about his used dental floss. The surgery and hospital care was right around $500 and Dr. O'Neall cut us a deal on some things.
Now if I could just somehow blame the dog's kleenex eating on him.  ;-)
Cris Potmesil
Green River, Wyo.
CUR #360
okay I am about to take hubbys very expensive golf clubs and shove them
sideways in to a part of his boddy that I can't mention cause it would not
be ladylike.
I have gone on and on about his Golf Balls. Yep I have found several in the
horse pasture! I have argued and argued and argued till I am blue in the
chest! YES CHEST my face is blue from this already.
I have warned and threatened that he needs to make sure he cleans up his
messes when he takes the shots around the house. WE EVEN spent $100 on a
I go to feed the dogs and what do I find in the back yard.... A golf ball.
Our dogs love to chew on toys. I worked for a vet clinic and have actually
seen some of the oddest stuff a person could imagine. from an entire Beach
towel to peach pits. I have told him the dangers of the golf balls causing
intestine blockage.
I know there is one lurking vet. Probably some vet techs and dog people out
here. SOOOO hit me with the stories please I am gonna TRAIN this guy to pick
up the darn golf balls if it kills him. I am afraid to go into the pasture
one day and see my horse with a darn Golf Ball bruise. no not stone briuse
but golf ball bruise.
p.s. I feel some what better now.

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