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Re: RC: older campaigners


We have aging endurance horses, too.  Galiston, a
chunky Egytian, is coming 19 and looks 5; Hilary, a Tb
mare, is 13; and Silnar, a Polish/Russian gelding, is
14 this year.  They are smarter about their rides and
can canter for miles and miles, when the going allows.
 The Tb mare wears the "boys" out, but is slower to
recover than they are.  Perhaps it is her size.  They
all know how to take care of themselves and drink and
eat at every opportunity.

I don't plan to retire them until they want it.


--- tina hicks <> wrote:
> I'm interested in hearing from some of you that are
> riding more mature
> horses in rides, like 14 or 15 years and up....
> Are any of out there riding guys that are in their
> teens in 50s or 100s?
> Is there an age where you had to slow down some
> gradually over time
> (aside from an injury) or do you find they just keep
> going until
> arthritis or some other age/impact related problem
> retires them?
> I ask because the thing I've noticed as I get Tony
> (coming 15 this
> spring) out of the pasture for another ride season
> is that he's not one
> bit slower than he was when he was 8 years old. At
> the rate he's going,
> I could see him doing 50 milers for the next 3 or 4
> years at least
> barring an injury of course.
> Any observations, theories, stories or comments?
> Tina
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