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Re: saddles and pads

if your wintec is to narrow the easiest thing is to change the gullet.

I did this with mine . It was really easy, took about 20 minuetes to do cos
I was learning as I did it. Would take about ten now. This allows you to
adjust the saddle as your hiorse changes shape through work.

Avoid a synthetic or gel pad as to much heat will build up. Either a
sheepskin or all wool pad (wool next to the horse) is best with a synthetic
saddle. If you need a pad an open cell one like the equalizer or bay
jacebson would be best.

Good luck, these saddles are very usefull in my view and underrated mainly
cos of the price.


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> Donna Lee
> I hope someone can help me!  I ride a 15.3 1000lb paint that is rising 5
this spring.  Last year we did a few local JP's and a CTR.  I'm hooked!!!  I
recently bought a Wintec 2000 andput a med-wide gullet bar in it.  I felt
the med gulleet was too narrow and my Level 3 instructor says that the
saddle doesn't fit him properly.  She feels that with the amount of riding I
do a gel pad is my best option.  I have been surfing the net and have seen
the site for Saddle Right saddle pads.  Does anyone out there know anything
about them?  Are they worth the money???  I've noted that the distance
riders I've seen have been using everything from sheepskin to regular saddle
pads.  I might be persuaded to get another saddle if necessary but I would
like to see if there are any alternatives first.  The other thing is that
I've read alot about the SR Enduro saddle on the FAQ section of this site!
Can anyone please give me a contact site or phone number for these!!!  I'm
not a small person a!
> nd I love to trail ride but I feel terrible about the fact that I might be
causing discomfort to my horse!
>                              Thanks,  Donna Lee
> (even though he doesn't seem to be in any discomfort!)
> P.S. any thoughts on those shock absorbing horseshoe pads!!!!
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