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Re: RC: Re: dressage riders

--- Sue Brown <> wrote:
> >Dressage is beneficial to any horse. Some horses
> need more of this type
> >training than others. 

> >
> This is true, Truman.  I also look at it in the
> sense that the riders are
> the ones that really need the dressage
> training...they need to know how to
> do the moves and with the correct cues.  

I rode a fifty with a man that had a lovely Arab mare.
 She was so gentle and willing.  Mike, his real name,
was unable to sit straight in the saddle.  I kept
telling him that he was crooked, like twisted in the
saddle, with one shoulder forward and his opposite
hand on his hip, the whole ride.  I was behind him and
I couldn't get him to change rein hands and hold his
forward shoulder hand behind his back to straighten
his seat.  

Sure enough, his mare colicked at the end of the ride.
 She also wouldn't urinate and had to have her twinky
salted to get her to let go.  It was a bummer.  He
stopped riding her, thank god, but I couldn't get him
to sell her to me for my daughter.  A friend kept her
exercised for him.

Very important to sit straight and balanced in the
saddle for these long hauls.  Also good to get off and
jog along, too.> 

Dressage is a great discipline.

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