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Re: Re: dressage riders

I saw Sylvester - and loved it ---my FAVORITE part was at the end when the
MAN in her life, knowing how much the training meant to her----encouraged
her to stay for further training.   It was very agreeably different from
what I was used to.

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> << Don't worry about it.  Some people can't think of anything to say, so
>  they just wait for everyone else to talk, then criticize them.  Actually,
>  *I* heard it described as being like "watching paint dry". >g<  I think
>  dressage is probably like baseball, more fun to play than to watch.>>
> On my favorite movie of all time, Sylvester, about a girl who has a wild
> horse and takes him to Lexington and wins (of course), dressage is
> as "watching cement sit"  THAT IS NOT MY OPINION...I just heard
> why it is in quotes.
> I like dressage, I have done a little of it (VERY LITTLE) and I think it
> pretty fun.  You have to be into it though, somedays(most days) I would
> rather hit the trail.... :)
> Has anyone else seen Sylvester?  It is pretty predictable...especially
> you have seen it a million times >g<
> -Renee
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