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Re: Medical alert:

Actually, i do carry this info, because 1) I don't have a common bloodtype
2) I'm allergic to penacillin, 3) am usually by myself.

Helga Loncosky
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From: Douglas M Gifford <>
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Date: Monday, February 14, 2000 7:47 PM
Subject: RC: Medical alert:

>How about we look into a waterproof packet that would list :
>Your name
>blood type
>any known alergies
>any medical condition(such as heart, kidney, asthma,etc.)
>any medications you are on
>Your medical contact person (significant other or doctors)
>This could be carried easily in your helmet and or around
>your neck or arm.
>In 3 day eventing this is required and they are not in as remote areas
>of the country as we are.
>They always carry this in their helmet as helmet are a requirement.
>I know we don't require them so wear it somewhere very visisble to the
>people working on you and list it on your entry form where.
>I have seen these packets in a form that would go around your neck . Cost
>$5.00 I think.
>Pat and Razzel 1500 miles and going in Kansas
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