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There was a note I received not to long ago from a gal that lives
in Canby Oregon, near me.  If she sees this would she please write
me again???  I need help so bad with my horse.  We are getting no
where fast.  I am discouraged and have not one single endurance rider
at the stables where I board.  Nor an instructor that could atleast
give me some good solid teaching. I just don't know how to overcome
my fear and take a firm hand with my horse.  I feel like I've lost
every bit of nerve I ever had with him.  We used to ride trails
a lot and as some of you know he has been pastured while I was in
California paying attention to some hopeless relationship with a 
man.  Bla bla bla!! Anyway, I need help from someone in this area
Woodburn, Canby, Molalla, Wilsonville, Oregon City, Egypt, Antarctica!!

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