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Re: Diarrhea

Hi Tom
I have a 16 year old gelding that does this at the beginning of a ride
during a ride but not afterwards. He is out on a 17 acre pasture 24/7
normally so in the spring and summer gets alot of water just through the
He usually does not drink the night before a ride unless I electrolyte
him an
extra dose. I have seen him have projectile diarrhea on a ride that we
have in
July around here . The only difference with that ride was that I fed him
I did not do that again and the diarrhea has quieted but is still there.
I think that
in his situation there are several factors to consider but don't really
know what I would
do differently to manage him any differently.
1. He is out 24/7  Should I try to bring him up 2 or 3 days ahead and
feed brome hay
2. He does not like hay that well in the summer Should I supplement with
3. He is slightly nervous when getting to a ride even though he stands at
the trailer quietly
     Is there any techniques that I could use to calm him. He is one of
those that quietly paces before the start of a ride. He can stand but it
take great effort.
We have covered 1500 miles in CTR and AERC together in the last 10 years
and I have seen him do this consistantly. (yes I know low mileage--due to
husbands health)
One thing I have started to do and I think it has helped is to ride with
Monte Mitts. His horse has had a very calming effect on mine and will
show him where all of the good water and grass is . My horse would get so
nervous that he may have known where they were but would pass them up
looking for the horses in front.
Hope this helps with info input and yes I am wanting to hear what others
have to say
Pat and Razzel in Eastern(humid) Kansas

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