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Kicked out of a show

I got kicked out of an "A" show today - a lovely dressage show at the local horseman's park.  On my way to the park I had already gone to two pop machines and hadn't gotten a thing to drink and was DYING of thirst.  So I rode to the concession stand, begged a nice lady to put my last dollar in the machine (which ate it and gave me nothing in return), and was told by a show steward I had to leave.  I guess Levis and a t-shirt stand out amid tails, bowlers, and white gloves.  Snobs.  It was rather humiliating, I was in a crowd of horses and riders, and I felt like a vagrant!   I'm pretty nice-looking, I think, and my horse is a lovely grey Arab, and we certainly get our share of whistles. I swear I saw smirks on some faces.
Thanks!  Had to vent.  I'm real easy-going, but that ticked me right off.  I can't imagine anyone being asked to leave an endurance ride.  "Excuse me, is that a Hanoverian?  Are you wearing white gloves?  We must ask you to leave promptly."  Grrrrr.  O.k.  now I can laugh about it!
Denise in FL
Grace (I've been kicked out of better places than this)

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