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RE: Tail Chewing

You might try making up a jar of vaseline and mix in cayenne pepper then smear it all over the mane and tails, it stays on for a long time and holds to the hair.  I've use this to put on bandages to keep the horses from eating them off.

Bernita Barfield
Southwind Arabians
Sierra Vista, AZ

Sent:  Saturday, February 12, 2000 2:07 PM
Subject:  RC:  Tail Chewing

Julie Culp
As a guest, I have asked questions of you only twice in the past, and you have been wonderfully helpful.  Thanks!  Now, we are desperate for help.  Our donkey is teething, and is completely chewing off and eating the tails of the horses.  She has even started on the manes she can reach.  We have treated the tails with bitter apple, "hot" flavored preparations, Cut & Heal, and every anti-chewing preparation we can think of.  There are no open paddocks into which we can move her.  Any helpful ideas, anyone?  Thanks so much.

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