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Helmets, Fatalities, problems

If the research Duncan refers to is true and fairly accurate, then when working with unruly horses, one should wear a helmet. My first helmet was a rock climbing hat.  The only other kind available at the time (1981) was the old black hot kind.   Luckily things have changed.  My second hat was a bicycle hat... get similar injuries..  Currently, I get one with as many holes as possible as it gets HOT here in TX.  When I first worked with horses, I work a hard hat with an unruly one.  Especially, when trimming hooves.  Seems there needs to be a lot of common sense involved in deciding when to wear one.  Unfortunately, lots of people don't have much common sense. 
The BIG problem with having a brain injury is that often the person can NO longer work and do own care.  Therein, lies the problem of how to care for that person.  Most end up on basic welfare.. ie Medicaid for the medical and food stamps and therefore become a burden to taxpayers.  Even if they have regular insurance at the time of the accident, there are limits and rehab, etc eats that up quickly.  So unless one is independently wealthy, the best insurance is being prudent and wearing the helmet.  Statistics bear this out.  Just go visit a center where people have rehab.  The "superman" guy has lots of money.. if one does not have lots of money, it is not pleasant to try to get help for the chronic debilitation that results from severe head injuries. 
This is observations from being a health care worker and reading.......... the numbers are out there..
Mary Ann

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