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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #242

In a message dated 02/11/2000 8:05:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<   She should be proud of me...I went on to
 actually be a published writer...but all she can remember is the "F" in
 conduct she gave me my senior year....FOR JUST ONE SMART REMARK...which
 was a pretty good zinger if I recall. >g<   >>

Angie, please. The suspense is killing me. A one liner that can earn you an F 
for the entire year had to be a darn good one. Please tell me? I's your price? My first born male child (I don't have any 
kids)  all my money (snickersnort, like I HAVE some...)?
I promise that, if I use it, I will give you the credit. Just tell me what it 
(and don't be so are a darned GOOD writer, and I will be the 
first to commend you for it!!)

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