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Re: RC: Re: Helmets

okay, okay...I just have to say that No, helmets won't save a person's life 
in every situation.  It's impossible.  If you are thrown from your horse and 
a branch goes through your stomach (sorry...thats gross), your helmet isn't 
going to do much good.  BUT...if you land on your head, you would probably be 
glad you put your brain protector on.  Even if you know how to "tuck and 
roll" or you "know how to fall off", there can still be an accident...that's 
why they're called accidents.  The last time I got bucked off, I was riding 
one minute and the next half-a-second later, I was sitting on the ground with 
blood spewing from my chin.  So, you don't always have time to react, is what 
I'm saying.  
    When you are in a car, seatbelts may save your life if you get in an 
accident.  There is no way they can promise to save your life....if a tree 
falls on your car, your seat belt probably won't do a whole lot of good.  
But, IN MOST CASES, your seatbelt will probably keep you from flying through 
the windshield.  
    When it was said that someone had lived through a terrible accident 
without wearing a seat belt, I must say, "you are a lucky duck."  This 
doesn't mean that seatbelts don't do any good though.  Just because ALL 
people don't die in accidents if they aren't wearing their seat belts, 
doesn't mean that it's not a good idea to wear them.
    I think that it is everyone's choice whether they want to wear their 
seatbelt or not.  But, if you don't wear it, you are, at least, facing those 
stupid fines.  If wearing your seatbelt insured that you wouldn't have to pay 
a fine for not wearing it, why wouldn't you wear it???  And, if wearing it 
raised your chances of surviving an accident, why wouldn't you wear it??? I 
just don't see any reason not to.  Is it, for some reason, not "cool" to wear 
a helmet or seat belt?  Okay, maybe sometimes they are a little 
uncomfortable, but I think that compared to cracking your head open, or 
eating asphalt after flying through glass, they are just dandy.
thank you for listening to my 2(hundred) cents.

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