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Re: XP rides

Dreamweaver writes:  .   I've been using pellets (which are wonderful!), but
they take
about 2-3 hours to soak.

Just some questions re: how long it takes for beet pulp pellets to soak up
water.  I've been giving my 32 yo mare beet pulp pellets mixed with
alfalfa/bermuda hay pellets for about a month now.  I have been covering the
beet pellets and hay pellets with water about two inches above the level of
the pellets in a 3 gal bucket.  By the time I clean both corrals, about
10-15 minutes, most of the water is absorbed and the beet pellets are MUSHY
and disintegrated.  The hay pellets are not quite as soft.
    1.  Will the beet pulp pellets get any softer than mushy if I leave them
soaking 2 hrs?  Or is it ideal to have the pellets soak up as much water as
possible prior to feeding?
    2.  My dry beet pulp pellets are small, about as thick as a straw from
McDonalds, and around an inch long.  Is this the usual size of the pellet?
Thank you for any info.
Perris, CA

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